Arts and Crafts

Balloons and Musical Instruments

Create musical instruments using balloons and other household items.


Little or No Equipment

These fun and entertaining activities can be done with next to no equipment!


Bird Bagels

Turn your bagels into these handy bird feeders!


Bird Feeders and Pasta Necklaces

With just some string and some cereal or pasta you can make some bird feeders or even jewelry.


Dream Catcher

Create your very own dream catchers!


Fairy Buns

Turn your fairy buns into an interesting design as well as a tasty treat.


Fixing Your Teddy Bear

Need to fix some of your old childhood toys? Maybe a teddy bear has seen better days? Use this guide to help fix your stuffed toy.


Explore Outdoors

Wildlife Outdoors

Ideas to get you to go out and explore the great outdoors also instructions on growing your own vegetables.



Reminiscence Resource Boxes

We have a small number of boxes which can be loaned to care homes to support their reminiscence sessions. These boxes have a selection of resources in them which are cleanable.

  • In the kitchen
  • Food and drink
  • Work and travel
  • Food and drink 2
  • Grooming/living well

To find out more about the reminiscence resource boxes or to arrange a loan email or telephone 07790 553202.

Health and Wellbeing

Healthy Recipes

Have a go at making some of these healthy recipes that are both delicious and good for you!